Global Scholars Certificate

Know Your World!

A Program for Globally-Minded High School Students

The Global Scholars Certificate Program was created as an added boost for students in college admissions and to help advance appreciation of diverse cultures, people, languages and lands.

Students learn about the geography, economics, politics and cultures of the targeted region and will get acquainted with the most current and widely-discussed issues of the region. Students will be encouraged to select a special area of interest and post articles on a restricted Global Scholars Facebook page.

The Global Scholar Certificate Program serves as the opening stage for global literacy among a wide group of American students from Central Pennsylvania.  It also allows globally enlightened students to deepen their knowledge of international affairs and make valuable contacts for internships and college placement. 

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be awarded the Global Scholars Certificate.

The Program

Participation in at least 3 events sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Harrisburg, either at school or in the community

Participation in Academic World Quest competition, the International Poetry and Storytelling Competition or another special project demonstrating global engagement

Participation in the online activities of the program, in which Global Scholars are encouraged to participate in weekly posts on Facebook about current events around the world

Participation may include volunteering to serve as judges, staffing at events or assisting with promoting and publicizing events, as well as serving as an intern for the World Affairs Council of Harrisburg. As Global Scholars complete requirements, they are asked to report their accomplishments to both their teacher or advisor, as well as to the World Affairs Council of Harrisburg.

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Global Scholars' from the Nativity School on a Field Trip to PennState Medical Center