Why should we protect the nature?

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By: Zehra Yesilyurt – 2023 Summer Intern

Nature, a gift of wonder and beauty, surrounds us everywhere we go. From the mountains to the rivers, from the forests to the oceans, nature embraces us with its unconditional love. As inhabitants of this planet, it is our responsibility to protect this precious gift. Let us explore the reasons why safeguarding nature is vital.

Firstly, nature provides us with source of sustenance. The soil yields crops and nourishment that fill our bellies. The diverse flora offer a vast array of medicinal plants. By protecting nature, we ensure a continuous supply of food and medicine.

Secondly, nature grants us the air we breathe. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release life-sustaining oxygen. They purify the atmosphere. Without them, our skies would be polluted. Protecting nature means safeguarding the very essence of our existence.

Each creature plays a crucial role in maintaining the ecological harmony. Disrupting this balance could lead to devastating consequences, leading to the extinction of species and the collapse of ecosystems.

Wetlands act as natural sponges during floods, absorbing excess water and reducing damage to nearby communities. Forests serve as natural barriers, protecting coastal areas from the wrath of storm surges. We mitigate the impacts of disasters and shield ourselves from their destructive aftermath.

Protecting nature is a moral obligation. As sentient beings, we possess the ability to understand the consequences of our actions. We have the power to choose a path that cherishes and respects the planet that nurtures us. By safeguarding nature, we demonstrate empathy and compassion towards all living beings, acknowledging that we are not the sole beneficiaries of this Earth.

In conclusion, protecting nature is not a mere choice; it is a necessity for our survival and well-being. It sustains us, provides us with essential resources, and nurtures our souls. Preserving nature ensures that future generations can enjoy the same wonders and benefits that we we used. Let us unite in our efforts to safeguard this irreplaceable treasure, so that its beauty and abundance may endure for eternity. Together, we can create a world where nature thrives, and all life flourishes harmoniously.

Zehra Yesilyurt wrote this opinion piece while interning for the World Affairs Council of Harrisburg and PA Media Group.