Travel Live PA! Hershey Park

Quinn Bryner from Visit Hershey Harrisburg joins Joyce Davis and Cole Goodman. This episode will focus on Hershey Park and its attractions and discuss the new rides opening this season.

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Travel Live! Central European Waterways

Join Shoshana Altricher, Mimi Gregory, and Dr. Joyce Davis as they explore the waterways of Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and more. Watch the video!

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Travel Live PA!

Watch our first episode in our newest webinar series: Travel Live PA! Join WACH CEO Joyce Davis, Mary Smith, President of Visit Hershey Harrisburg, and Cole Goodman and Zach Reed to discuss the upcoming series and learn more about the Harrisburg area.

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Travel Live! The Aegean Sea

Join Joyce Davis and Shoshana Altrichter as they explore the Aegean Sea. This is another episode in our monthly Travel Live! webinar series. Please note that this webinar is on Thursday, not Tuesday.

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Visit Iceland

Experience the wonders of Iceland with this episode of Travel Live! Join Jim Falk, Shoshana Altricher, and Joyce Davis as they visit Iceland and discuss the upcoming World Affairs Council trip there.

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Travel Live PA! Pilot Webinar

Join us for the first in our new travel webinar series. This series focuses on all of the wonderful things to do in and around Pennsylvania, mainly focusing on Dauphin County.

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Explore the Dutch Waterways

Another installment of our Travel Live! webinar series. Click below to watch Wilfred Muskens, Shoshana Altricher, and Joyce Davis as they discuss Denmark and the upcoming World Affairs Council trip along the Dutch Waterways.

Travel Live: Travel & Health

Watch our webinar on Travel & Health to learn how to travel during the Covid-19 pandemic. Dr. Andrew Walker, Dr. Timothy Law, and Angel Ramos break down what you need to know to be safe during this unprecedented time.

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