Youth Arts Competition 2021

During the pandemic, WACH held a youth arts competition for local students in middle and high school. They were tasked with creating a piece of art that promotes vaccination within their community. All forms of art were encouraged and WACH was impressed with the talented submissions we received.

First Place

“The Fight”

It showcases how getting the shot can knockout Covid-19, and how we are all in this fight together.

Second Place

“Liquid Gold”

I used a combination of ink, watercolor, and acrylic paint to create my artwork. I depicted a girl getting vaccinated with “liquid gold.” The liquid gold symbolizes the COVID vaccine. As the vaccine is injected into the girl’s arm, the gold luster is spread throughout her body. The nurse administering the vaccine also has a golden glow as she has already been vaccinated. The theme of the artwork is that as people receive their dose of “liquid gold,” they glow with the immunization that they receive from the vaccine.

Third Place

“The Key to End Isolation”

The drawing displays what society will appear like if people do not get vaccinated. The person depicted in my drawing is unable to leave their house and has a strong barrier from the real world. Being unvaccinated means: we are locked in our houses (since we are stuck quarantining or scared of contracting COVID-19). This drawing emphasizes a “key” in the doctor’s hand that is the only solution for letting the isolated person out. This key is the vaccine! By showing the consequences of being unvaccinated, I believe that people will understand that receiving the vaccine will help themselves and their community!


"Vaccination Opens Up Possibilities"
The Vaccine helps people to do so many things they haven't been able to do during the Pandemic. It opens up so many possibilities and gives people more freedom that they wouldn't be able to have without the vaccine. The vaccine allows people to see family members without getting sick, going to eat at restaurants, and traveling easier. There are so many openings available to people who get the vaccine.

"Vaccine Armour"

"Doctor's Office Poster"
It’s a Lino block print on paper. I designed it to look like the posters that you would see in Hospital’s and Doctors offices that would be used not as just decoration, but as a way to educate people so that they stay healthy and keep the ones around them healthy also.

"The Plumation Power of Health"
My art is a dog doctor fighting against the covid-19 with his vaccination sword and a soap shield to protect himself. My art shows that everyone must stay healthy and safe with the power of us with the ability to stay strong against covid-19. There are many people who got covid-19 and died and lots of cases in every county. But we must not be afraid. Because my dog character Plumation the dog is here to help us stay strong and brave against covid-19 no matter where we are or what we're doing.

“To Burn the Mocking Bird” Poem

“Odds > 0”
This is a piece about the struggle of Covid 19 and the risks of jeopardizing your health. Music: Running up that Hill by Placebo “We both matter, don’t we?” We want to save everyone and stop the spread of the pandemic.

Honorable Mentions from Students Abroad

"The roles that the normal citizen must take"
My artwork describes of how many struggles many of us had to go through because of covid. And when the time came that a vaccine came which proved to give a certain level of protection, People just suddenly started ranting about why they should not take it. Today millions of people who have taken the vaccine and who are fine doesn't matter much to them. At the end of the day it is just a vaccine to offer you certain level of protection, Always remember that the vaccine's purpose was to never anything harmful.