WACH Annual Conference — After Bin Laden: Stuxnet, Drones and the New Middle East

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We are delighted to look back at the insightful discussions and engaging sessions that took place during the World Affairs Council of Harrisburg’s (WACH) Annual Conference titled “After Bin Laden: Stuxnet, Drones, and the New Middle East.” This event, which explored the complex dynamics of the post-Bin Laden era, provided a platform for deep insights and stimulating conversations.

Annual Conference Highlights:

September 8 , 2012 Susquehanna Hall, Elizabethtown College

Keynote Address: The New Middle East and Its Relations with the US and the World

By Tom Lippman, Former Middle East Bureau Chief, Washington Post

Expert Panels: The conference featured panels of distinguished experts, analysts, and scholars who delved into the intricate world of cyber warfare, drone technology, and the evolving Middle East. Their analyses and diverse perspectives added depth to our understanding of these critical issues.

ADVANCES AND FAILURES IN FIGHTING TERRORISM: THE OBAMA administration seems to have moved away from relying on conventional warfare to defeat terrorism. Instead, he is opting for Drone attacks and cyberwar to keep Al Qaeda on the run.  Is the strategy working? Or is it just creating a new generation of angry, Muslim youth?  Panelists include

MODERATOR: KAVEH BASMENJI – Voice of America’s Persian Service

  • Larry P. Goodson, Ph.D., Professor of Middle East Studies, Department of National Security and Strategy, U.S. Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA 17013
  • Amy Godion, Dickinson College, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Penn State University, Dickinson School of Law & School of International Affairs
  • Siamak_Dehghanpour – Voice of America, Iranian-American journalist and television personality. He is the host of the news television talk show program called “OFOGH” (Horizon)[1] on the Voice of America‘s television network / Persian News Network (VOA / PNN). The program is taped live and shown daily via satellite to audiences inside Iran from the VOA studios located in Washington, D.C.. The show can also be seen live on the Internet on various Persian related websites. Dehghanpour is also the Managing Editor at VOA’s Persian News Network.

Keynote – THE NEW MIDDLE EAST AND ITS RELATIONS WITH THE U.S. AND THE WORLD  — TOM LIPPMAN, former Middle East Bureau Chief, Washington Post 

THE NEW MIDDLE EAAST: IS IT DEMOCRACY YET: OVERVIEW OF REVOLUTIONS AND POLITICAL DEVELOPMENTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA THAT IMPACT GLOBAL STABILITY. THE NEW MIDDLE EAST: Is it Democracy yet? What is the prospect for non stable states such as Yemen, Egypt, North Africa, Syria and impact on the Middle East? What needs to be done to achieve democracy in these areas?

Moderator: Joyce Davis

  • Christopher J. Dolan, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies.  Director of the International Studies Program.
  • Rend al Rahim– Executive Director, Iraq Foundation
  • Dr. Oya Ozkanca –  Associate Professor, Political Science; Director of International Affairs minor; Elizabethtown College
  • Sunni Khalid, former NPR Middle East correspondent.

We extend our gratitude to all attendees, speakers, sponsors, and partners who made this event a success. Your active participation and contributions enriched the dialogue and underscored the importance of such gatherings.

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