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And the winner is . . . Harrisburg Academy (again)!

Yes, for the third year in a row, students at Harrisburg Academy have won the Academic WorldQuest competition and will head to Washington, D.C., for the national event on April 21-22.
The first place team included: David May, Wesley Sheker, Austin Dean and James Thompson.

Second Place winners were students from Cumberland Valley, including: IMG_0235[1]

  • Rachael Chacko
  • Sarah Chacko
  • Monica Kavathekar
  • Paul Kim

Third place winners attended Cedar Cliff High School and included:

  • Zach Bygall
  • Avery Peiffer
  •  Ro Weber
  • Joyce Giboyeaux

The students will compete with students from throughout the nation in a test of global knowledge. Congratulations to all who participated!

Registered participants included:

Cedar Cliff High School-

Zach Bygall
Avery Peiffer
Ro Weber
Joyce Giboyeaux
Hunter Reiner (alternate)

Central Dauphin High School- Brenda Blackburn-Foster

Team One:
Pastor Bello
Alaina Moran
Asher Brautigam
Colby Yonchiuk

Team Two:
Avichai Brautigam
Shashwat Acharya
Matthew Plesco
Julian Sherr

Cumberland Valley High School

Rachael Chacko
Sarah Chacko
Monica Kavathekar
Paul Kim

Harrisburg Academy

Team One:The Philippines
Wesley Sheker
Austin Dean
James Thompson
David May

Team Two:
• Dominic Zhang
• Jonathon Pastor
• Max Cherepinsky
• Shawky Darwish

Team Three:
Nisha Momin
Jacki Tsimmerman
Sarah Trindell