Long Covid Webinar

What you need to know! Get your questions answered by the professionals about long covid.

We Care: Saving our Future | 2022 International Young Leaders Conference

August 3, 2022 The 2022 summer interns put together the annual International Young Leaders Conference. The four panels consisted of: Gun Violence & Its Effect on Youth and Education, Covid-19 & Education, Social Inequality, and The War in Ukraine & Our Future. Click below to watch the conference.

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Covid-19 Update: What’s Happening Now & What’s Next?

Should we still be worried about Covid-19? What is happening with booster vaccines? Will there be another wave? Get answers to your most pressing questions about the current state and the future of the Coronavirus pandemic. Our panel of doctors and health professionals will be discussing these questions and more.

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Covid-19 & the Faith Community

Covid-19 & the Faith Community Webinar 15 March 2022 About the Event Our Covid-19 & the Faith Community webinar brought together the PA Physician General and leaders from many different faith communities in Central Pennsylvania to have a discussion on the ways to keep our community safe during this time. The Coronavirus pandemic has been especially …

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Covid & Faith Communities

A diverse group of faith leaders will share their experiences and insights into trying to get their faithful vaccinated and protected against COVID-19.  Faith leaders have had to deal with vaccine hesitancy and with people in their congregations refusing to mask or even maintain social distancing.  They also have had to deal with the grief …

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Public Health Initiative

Public Health Initiative Our Public Health Initiative is a collaboration with the Joshi Health Foundation to bring important health information to our community. Thank you to our health partner: Joshi Health Foundation

Free Vaccine Clinic

Free vaccination clinic — Protect Yourself and your family against COVID-19, delta, and omicron. Don’t end up in the hospital, or worse! Derry Street Pharmacy is providing vaccinations for adults and children, including boosters. Register here: Event Sponsors: Power-Woman & Highspire United Methodist Church

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